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Meet The Founder

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Alysha M. Campbell

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Alysha M. Campbell, Founder & Principal of CultureShift HR, started B.P.E.S.S. as a response to the alarming growth in the suicide rate in the Black community.


“Mental health is a tremendous challenge around the world for millions of people of all ethnicities,” she says, “but statistics show that the Black community in particular is suffering due to socio-economic disparities and racial trauma. At CultureShift HR, we care deeply about prioritizing mental health. We hope that B.P.E.S.S. will contribute to the creation of more safe havens for support within our own communities.”

CultureShift HR hopes that the mental health-tailored resources provided by B.P.E.S.S. will equip workshop attendees and members of the Black community with the right tools and strategies to be proactive about their mental health.

“We are dedicated to empowering those who have experienced trauma while working alongside other organizations that provide support services specifically for Black professionals,” CultureShift HR says. “Change and healing can come when we are willing to talk about mental health and then turn it into action.”

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